Francesco Di Camillo


Francesco was born in the city of Atri, in central Italy, within a family with a long tradition in craftsmanship and design. He was from a very young age interested in art but it was during his studies in Corradino D’Ascanio Liceo Scientifico in Montesilvano that he discovered his real vocation.

Francesco studied Architecture at the University of Chieti and Pescara receiving his degree in 2018. His thesis was based in the redevelopment of urban spaces in the metropolitan environment.

After completing the first part of his university education and thanks to the international Erasmus exchange program, Francesco spent a year in Brandenburg University of Technology of Cottbus, Germany. Focusing in the study of urban typologies both in Berlin and housing in Japan, he developed an interest for the residential Architecture and had the opportunity to visit Japan and exchange experiences with local architecture students.

In 2016 Francesco took a gap year after being granted a placement for an internship in the firm "Cannatà & Fernandes Arquitectos" in the wonderful town of Porto, Portugal. During this time he studied the SAAL architecture and was involved in the design of social housing in the city. After this experience he discovered a keen interest for traditional buildings and the integration of natural landscapes architecture.

In the spring of 2018 AV Architects managed to persuade him to move to England to start his professional career. Perhaps is it not surprising with his background, that Francesco has a remarkable aesthetical sensibility and very strong composition skills. Since he joined the practice he has managed to bring equilibrium to our practice with his kind manner.