Diagrama Foundation is a non-for-profit organisation for children and young people who are experiencing social difficulties, at risk of exclusion or who are similarly disadvantaged.

Since its creation in southern Spain Diagrama Foundation has grown to run various youth programmes and centres in Europe and collaborates with other charities worldwide.


While Spain's adult prisons are almost as overcrowded as Britain's and similarly rife with discipline problems, youth detention is a different matter. 23 years ago, the non-for -profit organisation, opened its first re-education centre in Spain. Now it runs 38 such centres and is responsible for virtually all of the Spanish youth custody system.


In late 2014 AV Architects began working with Diagrama Foundation as their architects and design consultants as part of the bid team for various projects in the UK justice sector.

AV Architects have worked with Diagrama Foundation to re-design an English secure training centre (STC) which was presented to the Ministry of Justice in 2015.

The images below should be clicked to enlarge and show various spaces throughout the secure training centre.

Diagrama's commitment is based on the belief that children and young people, especially during adolescence:

  • Have aspirations and sometimes need help to achieve them.
  • Sometimes need additional support in establishing positive relationships and links with adults.
  • Require sufficient time to develop and mature, and we must give it to them.
  • Need clear and fair limits (boundaries).
  • Need to participate in relevant and purposeful learning and training opportunities.
  • Above all they should be allowed to be what they are: children and young people - young, happy, the next generation.

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