We started working with Celerity an award-winning database and CRM agency in early 2013 and delivered their refurbished HQ in 2015.

Offices are more than a place to work, they should inspire and engage with us to make our work more enjoyable. They express the value the employer has for the employee and conveys the image clients and visitors have of a company. 

At AV Architects we believe that to create a seamless experience for each stakeholder in the creation of Celerity’s refurbished office we must fully understand the existing building and Celerity’s current and future needs in a dynamic and changing business landscape.

Early sketch of ground floor layout - Click to enlarge.

Early sketch of first floor layout: Click to enlarge

 Reception meeting pods within sculptural form.

Reception meeting pods within sculptural form.

Construction Gallery.

Celerity design development sketches

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