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Franceso, Neil, Esti, Dalila and Eugenio at the Grade II listed Crouchers Cottage an AV Architects extension and re-model project October 2018

Franceso, Neil, Esti, Dalila and Eugenio at the Grade II listed Crouchers Cottage an AV Architects extension and re-model project October 2018

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“We believe the best home has to respect the three Vitruvian principles firmitas (solidity, materiality), utilitas (function, commodity, utility), venustas (beauty, delight)”.

“What makes us different? There are undoubtedly lots of talented designers out there but we think we strike the right balance of meeting our client’s requirements without compromising the intellectual concept and the quality of the architectural design. After working on different scale projects we ended up falling in love with domestic architecture. Firstly, because we find working with traditional houses really inspiring and, secondly, because we are excited about working closely with our clients to create unique living spaces.

It is satisfying when your work is recognised with awards but what we really get a kick out of, is when you meet clients socially and they thank you for making everyone truly love their home. We believe that one of the reasons we have achieved great results in client satisfaction is our commitment to detailed computer modelling at every stage of the process. Since Neil and Esti created AV Architects in 2010 their design style and methods have continued to evolve with the introduction in 2017 of a virtual reality suite being one of the steps along the way to ensuring our clients dreams are fully realised.

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Born in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, and qualified from Oxford School of Architecture in 1998, Neil is one of those architects in love with his profession. With a never-ending capacity to produce ideas, through his perseverance and friendly approach with clients, Neil has been able to establish one of the most exciting and promising architectural practices of the South East.…….




Born and raised in Northern Spain, Esti decided to become an architect after falling in love with traditional British architecture while studying English in a boarding school in Berkshire when she was still a schoolgirl. She studied Architecture at the respected University of Navarra in Pamplona receiving her degree in 1998, with a master in Urban Design...…….





Born on the Italian shore of the Adriatic Sea, Dalila showed amazing determination from a very young age, that lead her through an outstanding academic success to graduate in the University…….




Francesco was born in the city of Atri, in central Italy, within a family with a long tradition in craftsmanship and design. He was from a very young age interested in art but it was during his studies in…….




Eugenio is committed to high quality design and has through his projects shown a distinguished ability to harmonize contemporary architecture in sensitive historic settings…….

Together in 2010 Neil and Esti created AV Architects to offer a unique service to our clients based upon the principles gained from experience working in award winning practices around the world and a few principles that are vital in any walk of life. Integrity, Commitment and Passion.

Team photographs by Charlotte Knee Photography - www.charlotteknee.com